What are dilapidations?

Dilapidations describe a liability that results from failing to comply with the lease covenants. It is important that the strategy is considered at an early stage whether acting for a tenant or landlord to ensure that the approach is proactive. We act as consultants and dilapidations surveyors in London to ensure the process is managed efficiently and cost-effectively.

How we can help

When acting for either the Landlord or Tenant as dilapidations surveyors, we complete a detailed examination of the lease, sub-leases and any other associated documents. The contractual obligations must be understood before appraising any dilapidations claim.



Our services include:

– Preparing budgets
– Assembling a project team
– Coordinating the work of designers
– Preparing specifications and tender documentation
– Obtaining competitive tenders
– Reviewing tenders and selecting a contractor
– Overseeing the project works
– Certification of payment, variations and assessing reasons for delays

If you would like to discuss our consultancy and Chartered Surveyor dilapidations services further, please call our office on 020 7391 7100 or email us at surveyor@fandt.com

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