Dilapidations Definition

What is a dilapidation survey? An independent analysis of the condition of a property at the end of a tenancy agreement. Understanding the clauses of the building lease is essential to assessing the dilapidation report meaning that whether you are a landlord or tenant, you should be familiar with the lease provisions.

dilapidations definition

Dilapidation Surveyors London

Are you looking for a commercial dilapidations expert to guide you through your end of lease process? A dilapidation survey is carried out during the tenancy of a commercial building and when a tenant leaves the property must be restored to the state agreed within the tenancy agreement.

We help both tenants and landlords to navigate their lease liabilities with a comprehensive dilapidations survey and protocol team.

We offer a service to manage the dilapidation assessment and following that prepare the necessary strategy for restoration. We can also liaise on behalf of the landlord or the tenant.

schedule of dilapidations

We can prepare your budget and manage the schedule of dilapidations, ensuring that your contractual lease obligations are met.

Our dilapidations commercial property team have experience in managing the process. The group includes surveyors, designers, project managers and access to competitively priced suppliers and tenderers. We will manage the appraisal stage, and arrange any dilapidation report work to be managed cost-effectively.

Dilapidations Costs

Do you need assistant executing or responding to a dilapidations claim resulting from your commercial dilapidation survey report?
Our team of project managers and designers will work closely with you to keep the costs of your building works to a minimum by closely managing the process.

For tenants, we can keep the dilapidations costs to a minimum by creating and managing a budget. Your dedicated project team will obtain competitive tenders and ensure that all works are delivered to schedule, and no unnecessary penalties emerge. For landlords, we will ensure that the items on the commercial dilapidation survey are closed out to a high-quality standard and your schedule for the exit.

dilapidation survey

For help navigating the dilapidation process on your commercial property get in touch with one of our team.