What is refurbishment and construction?

In general, building refurbishment can encompass such works as general upgrades, major repair work, alterations, conversions and modernisations. The lifecycle of a building can be significantly extended by effective refurbishment and construction.

As every building is unique, not only structurally and technically, but also in its local context, the correct approach should be assessed according to the particular conditions. Whereas the term ‘construction’ refers to the process of building something such as an extension.

How we can help

Planning, oversight and delivery are core elements of our refurbishment contractor work, having the in-house skills necessary to perform as a Contract Administrator throughout. Whether you are looking for general refurbishments in London or something more specific, we can help at every stage.

Our service includes:

– Preparing budgets
– Assembling a project team
– Coordinating the work of designers
– Preparing specifications and tender documentation
– Obtaining competitive tenders
– Reviewing tenders and selecting a contractor
– Overseeing the project works
– Certification of payment, variations and assessing reasons for delays

If you would like to discuss our work as a refurbishment contractor in London further, please call our office on 020 7391 7100 or email us at surveyor@fandt.com