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Camden is one of London’s best-known districts stretching North from Charing Cross and St. Pancras areas. It is home to some of the capital’s most impressive industrial architecture including famous examples surrounding its canal network. Today, any hard industry has been replaced by retail, tourism and entertainment and the area hosts street markets and music venues strongly associated with alternative culture. If you are building against a boundary wall in the area, it may well reflect this mixed usage.

Fresson and Tee is a Property Consultancy and Party Wall Surveyor based in London. We work on construction, redevelopment, refurbishment and change-of-use projects. As a result, we are well placed to work with you to overcome any challenges you are facing in the area, particularly around mixed-use post-industrial buildings such as those you might find in Camden.

We typically provide Party Wall Surveys for multiple parties through joint instruction. We can, of course, also act for a single owner too. Whatever issues you are dealing with, contact our party wall surveyors in Camden and we can discuss the best way forward.

Do I Need A Party Wall Surveyor?

Any major building against a party wall, including in Camden, requires party wall surveyors if they include major work affecting a boundary between two buildings as defined by the Party Wall Act of 1996. What does a party wall surveyor do? They provide fair, transparent and independent surveys that make sure building work affecting neighbouring properties is compliant with the Law.

Camden Party Wall

What is the Party Wall Act?

The Party Wall Act of 1996 controls building work or excavation involving boundaries between land or property owned by two or more separate entities.

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The legislation ensures that all parties’ interests are protected by preventing building work that could undermine the structural integrity of shared walls or neighbouring property features. Compliance means a Party Wall Issue needs to be issued and a Party Wall Agreement signed prior to any work commencing.

Who pays for a Party Wall Surveyor?

Party wall surveyor costs in Camden, as with elsewhere, are typically met by the property owner that instigates any work. There may be an argument for asking other parties to contribute to costs if the work needs to be done because of defects or lack of repair on their part. 

Neighbours may also be asked to contribute if they ask for additional work to be done that will benefit them.

Independent professional advice is the key to success. We can provide this, and more, on any aspect of Camden Party Wall matters. Contact us to find out more.

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What Do Our Camden Clients Ask For?

Given the diverse range of commercial, retail and industrial property in Camden, our local clients are often involved in redevelopment, refurbishment and change-of-use projects. Camden’s mix of architecture and property means the Party Wall matters we deal with in Camden can be particularly challenging.

We have developed a proven track record of success acting as surveyors on a range of complex projects.

We can help with Camden Party Wall Act processes from beginning to end. Throughout, we will ensure local works benefit from Fresson and Tee’s knowledge and remain compliant with regulations. In this way, we can ensure you avoid costly disputes, conflicts and clashes.

If you would like to discuss your Party Wall requirements further, please call our office on 020 7391 7100 or email us at

Camden Party Wall Case Studies

Any of our Camden-based party wall surveyors will draw on their local experience providing considerable value to their work in the area. Fresson and Tee can share significant case study examples both in the area and more widely across London. You can have confidence in our work. Check out specific examples below.

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