What is the Party Wall Act?

The party wall act of 1996 relates to shared walls between neighbours and lays down guidance to avoid disputes. What is a party wall? A party wall is one that divides the land of two or more owners; whether it is attached to the building or other party of the property. We can work with landowners to serve a party wall notice or manage a party wall award or manage building against a party wall in line with the act.

We can work on behalf of both owners and cover scenarios such as party wall agreement for loft conversions and party wall disputes between flats. What is a party wall agreement? It is a party wall award that you need from your neighbour before your building work commences.

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Contact our team for advice or support on creating, serving or responding to party wall notices. We have expertise in working as a jointly instructed Party Wall Surveyor for you and your neighbour. Or as a single owner liaising with the neighbouring Party Wall Surveyor.

Party Wall Surveyor London

Are you looking for a party wall surveyor in London? Has your neighbour commenced work with no party wall agreement in place? Or do you need support creating your own party wall act or structure notice? We work with homeowners on both sides of the wall to ensure that building works meet all of the legal standards; such as party wall noise regulations and insurance requirements.

Ensure you do not submit a party wall agreement without surveyor or building advice. We are a party wall surveyor based in London and equipped to provide you with the necessary advice on creating party wall building works and regulations.

We can advise you at any stage of your building works planning. From the concept stage to submitting a party wall structure report and liaising with your neighbours surveyor. Our team of experts understand the necessary obligations involved in your home renovations and party wall planning.

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Party Wall Surveyor Cost

Who pays for the party wall surveyor? The homeowner who is conducting the work is responsible for paying for the surveyor. Therefore, to keep the average party wall surveyor cost down it is preferable to have your party wall agreement in place. The average cost of a party wall agreement will be low if a survey isn’t required.

However, if there is any doubt about the agreement you should deploy a surveyor to prepare a schedule of condition to pre-empt any disputes later down the line when you may be liable to appoint and pay for a survey for your neighbour too.

When do you need a party wall agreement?

You need a party wall agreement before you undertake any building work that affects a wall that is used by another party. This involves structural work, excavation or any building along the line of the wall.

Do I need a party wall agreement?

If you are undertaking building works that affect any part of a shared wall, i.e. a party wall you need an agreement from the co-owner of the wall.

What is a party wall award?

A party wall award is a permission from your party wall co-owner for you to undertake your building works.

What is a party wall notice?

A party wall notice is the written communication that you give to the co-owner of a party wall that you intend on undertaking building works that will affect them.

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Do I need a party wall agreement for an extension?

If your extension involves a party wall, you must obtain a party wall agreement. Loft extensions are one of the most common reasons for a party wall agreement.

What does a party wall agreement look like?

A party wall agreement is a standard form that can be delivered without a surveyor for simple building works.

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How to get a party wall agreement?

A party wall agreement must be issued officially to your neighbour and include a letter of acknowledgement for your neighbour to sign.

How long does a party wall agreement take?

A party wall agreement has no fixed period. However, if you haven’t had a response within 14 days, you must assume your neighbour has dissented, and you’ll need to follow up with them or hire a surveyor to manage the concerns.

How long is a party wall notice valid for?

A party wall notice is valid for 14 days; after which time you must assume your neighbour has dissented and seek to resolve the concerns.

How long does a party wall award last?

A party wall notice is valid for work that starts within one year and one day of the appointment.

How to serve a party wall notice?

A standard party wall notice can be posted to your neighbours though ideally a conversation occurs beforehand.

Is a party wall agreement required by law?

If your building works affect a party wall, then a party wall agreement is required by law.

What does party wall mean?

A party wall is one that divides the land or properties of two or more owners.

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What is a party wall agreement?

A party wall is an agreement from a neighbour that gives you permission to undertake building works that affect the wall.

How long does a party wall agreement last?

For a party wall to be in effect, your building work must commence within one year of the agreement.

For advice or queries on how the party wall act affects your building plans get in touch with our specialist team of architects and surveyors. We work across London including Holborn, the West End and King’s Cross.