Shaftesbury Chinatown PLC


Covent Garden

Contract sum

£1,431,891 exc. VAT


KPM Construction Ltd

Considerate Constructors Scheme Score

37 out of 50 Received Performance Beyond Compliance Certificate.

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Refurbishment and alterations works to a restaurant at 5 Macclesfield Street and installing new extraction ductworks for to the central lightwell to serve restaurant. Including refurbishment and alterations to rear retail unit at 80 Shaftesbury Avenue. Form 5 new flats at 80 Shaftesbury Avenue including a mansard roof extension for flat 7. Refurbishment and altering two existing flats at 80 Shaftesbury Avenue. Common parts repairs and decorations and full externals.

Client brief

Full refurbishment and alterations internally and externally to the above address

F&T Role

As the lead on the design team to progress the client’s requirements. Within our remit was to formulate the tender documentation, together with both financial control and contract administration/project management of the entire construction project from concept to completion.