As a leading construction consultancy and surveying business in the UK, Fresson & Tee prides itself on delivering project management and supervisory services across entire construction project lifecycles. Our expertise ensures we handle handled with the highest level of professionalism and precision, from the initial client brief to the final stages of construction. Here, we outline the key phases of our approach and the critical services we provide to ensure the success of your construction projects.

As a leading construction consultancy and surveying business in the UK, Fresson & Tee prides itself on delivering project management and supervisory services across entire construction project lifecycles. Our expertise ensures we handle handled with the highest level of professionalism and precision, from the initial client brief to the final stages of construction. Here, we outline the key phases of our approach and the critical services we provide to ensure the success of your construction projects.

Develop Client Brief

The foundation of any successful commercial construction project begins with a thorough and well-developed client brief. Accurately capturing the project goals in a briefing acts as a cornerstone for all subsequent phases of the project, outlining the client’s vision as well as technical requirements.

Our team of construction professionals is ideally placed to engage in detailed discussions with clients in the initial project phases.

The briefing process involves identifying the project’s scope, budget, timeline, and any specific preferences or constraints.

By close collaboration, we ensure the brief is comprehensive and aligned with their expectations. We always aim to translate your client’s vision into a clear, actionable plan that guides the entire project.

Design Team Selection & Appointment

Once a brief is agreed upon, the next project management task is selecting the right design team to turn the initial thinking into a fully developed concept. This phase of activity is crucial to the success of any construction project. A well-chosen team with the appropriate skills and experience will not only bring the client’s vision to life but also ensure that the project adheres to budgetary and timeline constraints. When we’ve found the right people to work with, we can help you with appointments, contracting, and setting up the design team to work.

Our consultancy excels in identifying and appointing the best design, engineering, and architectural professionals for each project. We consider various factors, including the specific expertise required, past performance, and the ability to work collaboratively. By prioritising communication, we ensure that the design team is aligned. We plan regular meetings and updates to keep all stakeholders informed and engaged throughout the project. This transparency and teamwork are essential in addressing any challenges that may arise and in making informed decisions that keep the project on track.

Thanks to our extensive network and industry knowledge, we match clients with design teams perfectly suited to their project’s unique demands. This careful selection process fosters innovation and creativity while addressing all the practical and technical project requirements.

Project Coordination

Once design work commences, large-scale and ambitious construction projects become highly complex, with many interdependent tasks running concurrently. As a result, effective project coordination is essential to keep all elements of your project smoothly and on schedule. 

This involves managing the flow of information between all stakeholders, including the client, design team, contractors, and regulators. In the case of many major construction projects, it is crucial to navigate the Planning Permission process with skill to avoid costly rework and delays.

The Fresson & Tee team approaches project coordination methodically and meticulously. We employ robust communication strategies, project management tools, and highly effective leadership strategies to keep everyone on the same page. Regular progress meetings, detailed reporting, and proactive, highly visible issue resolution are central to our coordination efforts. With our multi-disciplinary construction management team onboard, projects are more likely to progress seamlessly from one phase to the next.

Risk Management

Construction inherently involves risk. From financial uncertainties to unforeseen site conditions and regulatory changes, things often change during a project. Therefore, a construction consultancy’s task is not to prevent risk but to manage it effectively within the project delivery process. Effective risk management is, therefore, a critical component of our consultancy services.

Fresson & Tee adopts a proactive approach to risk management. Our team of time-served construction professionals identifies potential risks early in the project and develops strategies to mitigate them. As part of our project management service, we provide comprehensive risk assessment services, contingency planning, and continuous monitoring. We always aim to minimise disruptions and ensure the project remains on track regarding its schedule and budget. By addressing risks proactively and sharing our hard-won knowledge and expertise, we help our clients navigate challenges that arise confidently and effectively.

Procurement Strategy

A well-defined procurement strategy is vital for any significant construction project. A mistake in acquiring materials, contractor services, or trade skills could cost your project dearly. We help clients align their procurement strategies with the project’s objectives, budget, quality regime, and timeline.

Our consultancy offers tailored procurement strategies to meet the needs of large commercial construction projects in London and beyond. We are adept at identifying reliable suppliers and developing procurement plans that optimise value for money.

Our approach includes managing competitive tendering processes, contract negotiations, and performance monitoring for building owners and primary contractors. Through our work, they can be confident that their procured resources meet the highest standards. A strategic and systematic approach to procurement helps our clients achieve their project goals efficiently and cost-effectively.

Programme Management

While a construction project is underway, a management function must oversee its various interconnected work scopes. In the case of a commercial build or refurbishment, this can involve a large, incredibly complex set of tasks that often compete for resources, be that time, money, or both. As a result, programme managers need to be highly skilled and effective to ensure each task and project phase is aligned and progressing towards a set of common objectives.

Fresson & Tee’s programme management services include planning, coordination, supervision, and control across all the primary construction design and technical disciplines. We develop comprehensive programme plans that outline vital milestones, dependencies, and critical paths. Only when these are understood and agreed upon do we apply rigorous monitoring and control mechanisms to each component of the programme. Our expertise in programme management helps to optimise resource allocation, enhance coordination, and achieve overall project success.

Management of Design & Tendering

All construction projects begin with a design and tendering stage. The design work defines the project’s scope, and the tendering activity secures the services of the contractors who are necessary to enter the build phase. Effective management of these stages ensures that the project starts on the right track with the right people on board.

Fresson & Tee add value by supervising the work of architects and engineers to ensure that all the construction project requirements are clearly articulated. A competitive tendering process typically follows a successful design phase.

This allows prospective contractors to bid for the project and our clients to fairly and transparently hire the most appropriate.

Our tendering services include preparing tender and bid documents, coordinating the tendering process, evaluating bids, and making offers and contract award recommendations. By meticulously managing this process, we ensure that securing the best possible contractors and services is seamlessly integrated and efficient.

Management of the Construction Process

Once construction begins, effective construction management and supervision are crucial to keeping multiple workshops on track, maintaining quality standards, and achieving regulatory body sign-off. This involves on-site oversight of daily operations to report on progress, proactively address any concerns, and maintain forward momentum.

With this in mind, our construction management services are designed to provide active, visible, hands-on oversight and control. We typically maintain a constant presence on-site, coordinating activities, monitoring progress, and ensuring safety and quality standards compliance. Our robust and unrelenting approach to problem-solving ensures that any issues are promptly addressed and disruptions and delays are minimised.

The Fresson & Tee construction management team has years of experience working on major commercial construction projects in London and beyond. They bring time-served knowledge and expertise to all their work, meaning you can be confident that construction tasks will be completed as expected throughout your project.

Promote Teamwork

A collaborative and cohesive team is essential to overcoming challenges, innovating solutions, and delivering exceptional results. This is why we work hard at Fresson & Tee to promote teamwork in all our construction projects.

As a dedicated construction consultancy, we prioritise fostering a culture of collaboration among all project stakeholders. We facilitate team-building activities, encourage open communication, and create an environment where everyone’s contribution is valued. As a result, we enhance the overall performance of the project team, leading to better decision-making, increased productivity, and a more positive project outcome.

Our comprehensive team-based approach to construction encompasses every critical phase of the project lifecycle. From developing a clear and detailed client brief to supervising essential scopes of work, our services are designed to ensure the success of your construction projects is shared.

By leveraging our expertise, industry knowledge, and commitment to team building, we help our clients achieve their vision and deliver outstanding results in the built environment.

Fresson & Tee’s Project Management Offering

Fresson & Tee prides itself on providing the highest-quality project management consultancy services. By choosing us, you can have confidence in all project phases. Working with our reputable, fair, and balanced experts reduces the chances of costly miscommunication, creating seamless efficiency from beginning to end.

Successful project management depends on attention to detail, robust control, and clear communication. By working with Fresson & Tee’s team of experienced construction professionals, you will feel supported at every step of your construction journey from the initial concept to completion.