PPM (Planned Preventative Maintenance)

We provide detailed reports to identify works, costs, schedule routine and preventative maintenance to buildings.

Licence to alter

We review the lease terms relating to the Licence to Alter and act as the mediator between you and your tenants. We inspect once works complete to ensure alterations are completed according to the Licence to Alter terms.

Building Pathology

We use a holistic, professional approach to Building Pathology to effectively describe the diagnosis and remedy of the building failure.


Schedule of condition

Required when it is necessary to record details of the present condition of the property at the commencement of a lease so that any further deterioration during the term can be identified.

Principal Designer (CDM Regulations 2015)

– Planning, managing and monitoring the co-ordination of the pre-construction phase
– Providing the pre-construction information
– Co-ordinating significant health and safety issues
– Design review meetings
– Liaising with duty holders
– Agreeing a format of the health and safety file

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