Fitzrovia’s house of ill repute……..

Fitzrovia’s house of ill repute……..

London is full of hidden gems. Recently Fresson and Tee completed the full refurbishment of one such gem at 23 Rathbone Street; nestled in the heart of London’s Fitzrovia.

Originally constructed as a town house, the 17th century delight has had a varied and sometimes even salacious past, most notably when it was used as a house of ill repute.

As part of the recent refurbishment, we alluded to this by the restoration of an original painting of a lady of the night, which is now seen high up on the third floor of the iconic façade.

Having successfully repaired a number of serious building defects, Fresson and Tee refurbished the property to provide a stylish 2 bedroom flat over the upper floors of the world famous Newman Arms, which has featured in several literary masterpieces.

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