Do I stay or do I go…

Do I stay or do I go…

For the oldies amongst us, the title of The Clash’s only chart topping hit, reaching number 1 in 2004.

Move forward 15 years and many businesses are asking the same question. Do I stay or do I go??

The clash this time though is not music but should you stay in your existing property when the lease ends or should you relocate?

Office rents remain high, the supply of accommodation relatively low.

If you’re on a 5 year lease cycle, your existing rent is probably less than the current market value, whereas if your lease was last reviewed 3 years ago, there may be a subtle change in values. So what do you do?

Pay a big increase on your existing but now frayed around the edges property or pay a similar rent in perhaps a new property?

Fresson and Tee has helped several clients navigate this conundrum over recent months. We not only helped them get value for money on the new rent, but we have also negotiated more tenant friendly leases too.

Can we do the same for you?

Saving time, creating cost benefits and providing expert advice are just some of the benefits of using Fresson and Tee to help you with a relocation.

Contact David Shapiro or Harry Hopson of Fresson and Tee’s commercial property team if you would like further information. 020 7391 7100

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Our Property Management department handles all the landlord and tenant matters relating to the occupation and management. As well as service charge, rent collection and facilities management.

Last year Fresson & Tee’s Architecture and Building Consultancy department completed the specification and project management of the external repairs and redecorations restoration carried out by @FallonCoBuilders under a @JCTContracts of £153,000.00.

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