A mini cruise into the past

A mini cruise into the past

Most people, when they think of P+O, think cruise ships to shores afar.

Here at Fresson and Tee, for employees of a certain age, we also think of The Aunts and a once magnificent villa in the heart of St. John’s Wood, that had seen better days.

The Aunts were the grand daughters of Arthur Anderson, the founder of P+O and Fresson and Tee clients.

It was almost a right of passage (excuse the pun) that every new Fresson and Tee employee spent time working on The Aunt’s decaying house in NW8.

Having recently had the pleasure of being on a P+O boat and seeing a bar named Andersons, with the plaque as a testament to the founder, I was transported back to my earliest memory of joining Fresson and Tee and its very small shared history with P+O.


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